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We provide translations in over 100 languages, expertly produced by our team of qualified translators. All our translators work into their mother tongues and are recognised experts in their subject areas. We have experience translating documents covering a wide-range of fields, from education, sociology and psychology to IT, media & advertising.


We also specialise in technical translations such as:

  • Legal
  • Financial and Commercial
  • Medical


The correct terminology and natural target-language expressions are essential for financial and commercial translations, to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Our team has vast experience in translating for the financial and commercial sectors, and consistently produces high quality and professional translations of balance sheets, annual reports and international commercial documents.


We are certified by the U.A.E. Ministry of Justice to produce certified and sworn translations in both English and Arabic.
Choose our translation services for:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Professional Translators
  • Proofreading for Quality Assurance
  • Free Translation Samples (for large projects)
  • Our Track Record with Prominent Clients


With legal documents a professional, accurate and faithful translation, using precise legal terminology, is paramount. There is no margin for error and our experienced legal translators produce first-rate contracts, legal opinions and court documents.


Medical and pharmaceutical translations require specialist translators with specific language knowledge & experience in this field. Our team has experience translating medical documents, studies & specific patient records. The accuracy of a medical translations is vital as inaccurate translations could have grave consequences for someone's health and wellbeing.


Our approach to our translation work is consistently thorough. In order to make sure our translations meet our stringent quality assurance standards, each and every document is proofread by our expert proofreaders, who have perfect knowledge of the source and target languages. This process ensures that every translation we do is thoroughly checked and edited before we deliver it to you.

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